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Prevail believes our minds are the most powerful part of health. We develop and deliver personalized, interactive programs that empower people. Join the thousands of others and Prevail!


Our partners

Prevail was created, tested and validated in close collaboration with the National Science Foundation and a growing list of influential partners.

Graph showing annual cost of mental health in the USA
Mental health is one of the biggest challenges facing the U.S. today.

The world has achieved tremendous advances in the care of complex conditions like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and HIV. The same cannot be said for mental health. Rates of depression symptoms among Americans are higher than any time in the past 30 years.

The human cost of mental health issues is staggering as is the economic cost: $147 billion is spent every year on mental health care even though 3 in 4 sufferers will never seek care. Another $153 billion is spent on the indirect costs of mental health conditions, like comorbid conditions and lost productivity—that’s $300 billion total.

Prevail is changing that.


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Health Plans

Differentiate yourself from your competitors; become an industry leader.

Deliver a next generation tech-enabled behavioral health service to your members
Unlock data to rationalize and control behavioral health costs
Assess the health of your members, identify emergent needs, and connect members with the services they require
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Prevail helps employees overcome burnout, build resilience, and increase productivity for a fraction of the cost of other employee benefits.

Build employee resilience, reduce absenteeism, and improve productivity.
Innovative, clinically effective benefit available to your entire population.
No technology integration required.
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Optimize care plans for your patient population.

Assess the health of your population, identifying emergent needs
Increase patient satisfaction and HCAHPS with reduced on-demand care
Measure the effectiveness of your care plan with patient-reported outcomes
Reduce costs with preventative measures by matching patients with the care they need at the appropriate level
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Program users

Prevail empowers users to understand and optimize their mental wellness! Our AchieveWell Platform integrates peer coaching, online communities and interactive training in a gaming-like environment for an unparalleled level of engagement.

24/7 anonymous support from iPrevail's online community of trained peers for life's daily challenges.
Proven Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training program enables users to understand the stresses in life and improve thinking and behavior!

What is in our programs?

Our Achieve Well™ platform is a revolutionary approach to behavioral health that uses peer-to-peer support, trusted social networks, behavioral economics, and interactive technology to engage hard to reach populations and drive demonstrate able outcomes.

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