Prevail's AchieveWell Platform

Multiple clinical trials have proven that Prevail's online mental health treatment delivers outcomes as effective as face-to-face care for 99% less cost.

We have demonstrated the same results in the real world with tens of thousands of users.

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Prevail was created, tested and validated in close collaboration with the National Science Foundation and a growing list of influential supporters.

Partnering With Prevail

We work with health plans directly, and with no integration required, it's simple for members to start benefitting from our best-in-class behavioral health platform.

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Target Emergent Needs

We engage members, enabling health plans to identify emergent needs, flagging and routing members to our proven platform or in-person care before costly and comorbid conditions arise.

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Gain Insight

We measure the health status and outcomes of health plan members and deliver unmatched insight into population behavioral health.

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Build Your Brand

With healthier members, our health plan partners enjoy greater brand loyalty, translating to satisfaction and retention. We launch our brand or white label to drive interest and enrollment.